4 Best Ramen Shops in Misawa you should try today

Craving for Japanese authentic ramen but don’t know where to go? Try these 3 amazing Ramen shops in Misawa. All these ramen shops have English menus ready for you to order easily without language barrier!

Ramen Housuke

Ramen Housuke serves special Misawa Ramen which is exclusively available in Misawa. You can either eat in the restaurant or order to go. (Some ramen items are not available for take-out)

What make this ramen shop unique is that you can buy tasty fried-chicken(Karaage) and dumpling(Gyoza) from 2 popular shops, Taian Shokudou and Gyoza Ichiban. Taian Shokudou is one of the most popular shops

Best deals

Ramen Housuke is now offering free all you can eat 3 kinds of kimuchi and rice all day until TBD.

There are also 2 amazing satellite take-out-only shops located inside.

Taian Shokudou

Famous for “Shioteba Karaage” or salt chicken wings from Hachinohe Morning Market.

Gyoza Ichiban

Take-out-only Gyoza Shop. Misawa’s speciality Paika (pork ribs) is blended into Hamamatsu style gyoza.

Shinsen Hormone Ichiba